Monday, August 20, 2007

White Chocolate Popcorn

This is a easy, yummy treat my sister made for me while I was visiting her in Colorado recently.

Chocolate popcorn

Mix the following in a bowl: popcorn (either 1 bag of popped microwave popcorn OR about 1/2 cup of kernels air popped) and then add any of the following optional ingredients - 2 cups pretzels, 2 cups chex cereal, 1/2 bag mini marshmallows, nuts, M&Ms, peppermints, etc.

Melt in the microwave: 1 bag of white chocolate chips and 1/2 brick of vanilla almond bark. Pour wet mixture over dry, stir until well coated, let cool on cookie sheet. Drizzle dark chocolate over the mixture. Serve when cooled. Store covered if you have any left over. Keeps very well.

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