Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Treintenera pork

So easy, and so delish. I promise.

1. Get a pork shoulder or picnic roast, about 6-9 lbs.
2. Put it in a roasting dish or a pyrex or whatever you have that will fit.
3. Sprinkle adobo all over the top. (Again, Penzeys, or you can get lesser versions on any spice aisle)
4. Pour about 1/2 cup of Mojo Criollo** on top, and with the spicy paste that now exists, rub it in.
5. Flip and repeat.
6. Put in oven, uncovered, on 250 for 9-12 hours.
Eat all week.

**Goya makes the Mojo--you can often get it on the spanish aisle at Walmart, or at any Latin food stores. It is in a bottle and is an awesome marinade for anything.


Amy said...

mmm yummmy.......... how d'ya think this'd turn out in the crockpot? ;-)

La Yen said...

YOu would not get the crunchy skin--and that is so rindylicious. If you do it in the crock pot, just use a crappier cut of pork--don't waste your money on a nice loin or anything. And throw some whole cloves of garlic in and some frozen Yucca and you have your veggies.