Monday, April 17, 2006

HoneyBaked Easter

I've never done the Easter dinner myself... so I enlisted HoneyBaked Ham for help.

YUM! The line was out the door and around the corner on Saturday. And once you got in... there were 7 more lines. The 20-30 minute wait was worth it.

It was dinner for my hubby, my parents, Kalea and myself - ordered the quarter ham combo with turkey. YUM! And I picked up some sides: ambrosia, mac salad, cranberry salad and stuffing.

I made my Mom's Crescent Rolls, a green salad... and we had mini-strawberry cheesecakes.

No fuss... no muss.... easy and got to hang with the family.

I had no idea how distinctly, delicious the HoneyBaked Ham flavor was. You can bet I'll be visiting there more often.

What'd you do for Easter?


Amy said...

It's true, Honeybaked is pretty much manna from Heaven. We had dinner with the in-laws for Easter. This reminds me, I MUST get the sweet potato (yams? I never know!) recipe. That is my fave at every "Stone family gathering"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! La Yen?

Amy said...

P.S. Costco's honeybaked ham is the CLOSEST thing I've had to Honeybaked. One time we couldn't even tell the difference. Not sure if this was pure luck or not....

La Yen said...

Ask mom--I only have te ones for Cranberry Crud and Green Stuff. And I will NEVER NEVER NEVER make those.