Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to Cook Rice

Mayhaps you find yourself wanting some rice. Mayhaps with some of the best black beans you have ever eaten. Mayhaps you need to know the easiest, best, most Cuban way to cook said rice? May. Haps.

1. Ignore directions on rice bag.

2. Put rice, oil, water, salt in large pot, and bring to boil over high, UNCOVERED, until water has been absorbed and rice has small craters on top (about 15 minutes.)

3. Cover the rice and reduce heat to low, for about 8-10 minutes.

4. Fluff and serve.

Here are some quantities--this doubles, triples, quadruples.

For about 3 cups of cooked white rice:

2 C rice
2 T oil
2 t salt
4 C water

Our rice cooker broke years ago--and I have never replaced it because this is SO much easier and more consistent (sorry, Yan. Your cooker was not this good.)


cabesh said...

I made the rice and beans last week when I fed 45 missionaries at a leadership conference. They were awesome and a HUGE hit!

The Tame Lion said...

I love Chinese fried rice.

The Tame Lion said...

I love Japanese rice as in sushi too!
And not to mention, I like to eat rice with wasabi.